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Allergic to something you ate?

Dec 23, 2019

Different foods can cause reactions of different severity, so you can definitely be more allergic to one food than another. Since we eat so many different foods in a day, it’s sometimes difficult to tell exactly which food is the culprit.

Although we often think of allergy as a Western disease, in reality it’s fast becoming a global problem. In many Western nations, allergy rates stand at around 40% of the population – or sometimes higher.

It may surprise you, but India is not far behind, with an estimated 25% of the population now having at least one allergic condition. Which means that, one in every four person of the Indian population is having some form of allergy or the other.

Indeed most developing nations in Asia and Africa, increasingly adopting a Western lifestyle, are noticing burgeoning rates of allergic disease across age groups, especially the young.

With a population of well over a billion, food allergy could become an enormous problem in India. Some estimates suggest up to 3% of Indians may already have food allergies, the majority under 40 years of age. Food allergies cause roughly 30,000 emergency treatments and 100 to 200 deaths per year in the nation. Up to 3 million Indians may have peanut allergy alone.

The blood test is a more accurate test than the Skin Prick Test and is called the Specific IgE test. It measures the IgE antibody levels in the blood that are specific to different allergens or foods.

We at Modern Wellness Diagnostic Services are excited to offer ImmunoCAP Specific IgE blood test to help you confirm your allergy-like symptoms. Only ImmunoCAP provides the accuracy needed to diagnose food allergy, and Modern Wellness is proud to be providing this superior technology to you.

Get your allergy tested now through a simple yet accurate blood test.


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