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How do I prepare for my tests?

Your health care provider may ask you to fast overnight or for several hours before the test. If you are not certain, please contact your health care provider.

Can I continue to take medications before a test?

You should take your usual medications unless told otherwise by your health care provider. Be sure to ask if you can take vitamin / mineral supplements before your test.

Can I order my own tests?

Due to regulations, individuals cannot order tests themselves. We encourage you to talk to your health care provider, if you are interested in having a specific laboratory test performed. However, you may decide to go for an annual health check for yourself and undergo few general medical tests which can provide early diagnosis and prevention of common problems. You can call our toll free number to get more information on health check-up packages.

How can I obtain my test results?

Your test results will be sent to your ordering physician. Contact your provider’s office to receive your test results.

How can I give you feedback on my experience?

We would love to hear from you! To comment on your experience, email us on our feedback page.